How To Restore Disappeared Folders in Outlook

Is there any solution to restore disappeared folders in MS Outlook? I have accidentally moved a folder whenever I tried to select another folder. I tried lots of method to get back the disappeared folders or to move it back where it belongs but unable to do. If anyone have solution or idea to retrieve disappeared folders in Outlook then please suggest me!Free Download

Microsoft Outlook is deemed as one of the most proficient email client application which delivers excellent handy functionality with ease. In the beginning MS Outlook works very well but as years roll on and its demands increased rapidly it may get sluggish. It is used to store various application, emails, contacts, sent items, drafts, to-do list, notes, journal, reminders and many other items. In this situation, most of the Outlook users use to archive PST file. Sometimes, it may possible that some of the personal folders may get disappeared when MS Outlook user proceed improper steps to archive PST file.

Whenever Outlook PST file reach or exceeds its file size limit then it may show numerous abnormal behaviors. IN such an instants MS Outlook may display partial data or not show set of personal folders which stored on MS Outlook in the PST format. There are numerous reasons are responsible behind the Disappeared Folders in Outlook, some of them are Malware or Virus attack, malfunction in MS Outlook applications, conflicts between Outlook and its virus integrator, abrupt termination of MS outlook, Corrupt PST file, logical errors, Power failure, inaccurate data synchronization processes and many other factors.

To restore disappeared folders in Outlook, an inbox repair utility is provided by Microsoft. This tool automatically installed into your PC whenever you install MS Outlook application. But this tool has some limitation. If this tool did not find any disappeared folders in Outlook then you need to make use of any reliable third-party tool.

PST Repair Tool is one of the most significant tool which is able to restore disappeared folders in Outlook very easily. This tool helps you in resolving various type of Outlook related issues. It comes with very simple and user-friendly interface through which a non-technical user can also use this program to retrieve disappeared folders in Outlook without any hesitation. Along with disappeared folders, user can also recover deleted or corrupted folders in almost all versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and so on. PST Repair Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows based OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and so on.Free Download

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